Friday, October 29, 2010

Die Eiland - Part One

WOW! Almost a year already. Obviously at this point my continuing efforts move from persistent to steadfast (like a large and sturdy vessel on the editorial ocean). All previous misgivings and subdued feelings of indifference notwithstanding, there are some items that have been accumulating and will grace these pages pretty soon, so there.

Moving swiftly along then - I recently acquired the used equipment of distinguished professional photographer Warren Van Rensburg (a Canon 20D, to be exact). A camera carrying such a legacy and refined tradition surely could only inspire one to produce the most sparkling images for an already starved and anticipatory audience (insert throat clearing).

First trial run was on a trip out to "Die eiland" - a sprawling community of caravanners and avid cultural enthusiasts affiliated with the ATKV. A bustling little village of temporary cluster living, waterworks and lawn sports, north of Tzaneen (and just screaming for a documentary). It was my fathers 70th birthday and family and friend were convening at Die Eiland to celebrate the man.

In part one then, some pictorial sketches of day to day activities of this community.