Wednesday, March 28, 2007

side show signage

I've been going on about Coney Island and the crazy tales of what all happened there in the 20's and 30's , especially the side shows with freaks on parade, like the bearded lady, the sword swallowers, the mermaids, stuffed unicorns and all sorts of freakish oddities all on show for a nickel ( Coney Island used to be affectionately referred to as Nickel world, the train to Coney Island and every joyride , sideshow or other fantastic attraction being priced at a nickel).

But I suppose from a visual artist's point of view , the craft and sheer magical imagery of the posters and signage was something with a hypnotic appeal all of it's own. While in my own little sideshow daze, jumping from link to link online, I came across a modern illustrator , taking his cue from that era. His name is Joe Coleman, and here's his link. I'm sure there's more authentic examples out there, but this is merely a start.

While we're at it, some carny / side show lingo