Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vorm 1 ( How I got to do my first silkscreen! )

I hooked up with Lingo Rodriques purely by chance at a David Krut exhibit. Incidentally , Steak ( from Pangram )mentioned him barely a few days before, when we were talking about silkscreening. I have my own screens and basic materials, and have tried to do one or two exposures, but to no avail, and was desperately wanting to hook up with someone a little more experienced.

Fast forward a month or so - and the re-aqcuaintance of Mr Rodriques, this time at the Bohemian, and the mention of an exhibit he was planning to put together , called Halftone One, featuring various permutations of silkscreened and other prints. All very exciting ! Nonetheless, and as always - the deadline proved backbreaking , as we worked into the wee hours at his Halftone studio, situated in Centurion.

Lingo doing his thing. At this stage all was going well, but the very first screen was soon giving us hell, and just didn't want to expose properly ! In the end we did 4 exposures before settling on one.

The crazy notion of doing two posters, each using 4 screens was proving very strenuous, and in the end I settled for one poster, using 5 screens. Crazy! In retrospect I should have done more planning , and settled for a max of 2 screens, but school fees were paid , and I'm sure next time we'll do it a bit differently.

Car guard at the 24 hr McDonalds, furiously filing some.. uhm.. car guard things

My first silkscreen print then, out of the way, and one I'm glad to say , ended up not to badly, all considering. Thanks again Lingo for the patience and help in making it possible, and Hein for helping out with cleaning the screens!


Oh - and the exhibit wasn't too bad either! Next...