Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Open letter to Theresa-Anne Mackintosh

Dear Theresa-Anne,

I was paging through a catalogue / booklet of your solo exhibition held in 2004, and realized again how brilliant and still so relevant your work is. As you may remember, I added your site under my links section a while ago. So this morning , when I clicked on the link, disaster struck. To start of with I spelt your name wrong, which you initially so kindly pointed out to me, and to add injury to insult, I discovered that the link itself was incorrect and actually went to the Apple home page. SO - Apologies Theresa-Anne, for totally screwing that one up; and thanks once again for the inspiration.

Marcel Rossouw


Monday, April 2, 2007

Chalk and cheese

The amazing , and simultaneously dangerous thing about chalkboards is that you could carry on until 2 in the morning (or until your chalk runs out) , forever drawing , correcting, drawing ( and if you have a camera, the added element of documentation - very important of course)